To achieve our mission, our goals and objectives are to:

Protect the contractual & financial interests of our clients

By upgrading the standard and calibre of estimates and economic viability studies, reducing time taken to produce tender documentation and achieving better and more accurate cost control.

Be innovative & pro-active

By increasing early and continuous involvement in every aspect of the project and pro-actively protecting the Client's budget.

Emphasise the strong management & personal orientation of the services we provide & develop & extend our expertise in the field of management generally

By involving a partner to control and manage every project personally and implementing and improving overall business management capabilities.

Use & develop the most advanced technology & systems

By increasing standardisation and computerisation of all activities.

Attract & retain the highest calibre staff

By supporting equal opportunity for employment and development of staff, improving the image of the firm and supporting mid-career training.

Anticipate & satisfy industry needs

By identifying and adapting to additional or new Client needs and identifying and investigating changing industry needs.

Extend the range of our services

By readiness to higher risk exposure at commensurate reward and introducing new services.

Utilise progressive marketing strategies

By creating better awareness of the value of the quantity surveyor's services and capabilities and making our Client a Project Partner.

Promote continuous research and development

By documenting and disseminating in-house research projects.

Employ sound business and financial principles ensuring continuity and growth

By setting defined targets for efficiency improvements and improving business systems and the strategic planning process within the firm.

Throughout years of applying the above principles,  we have gained experience of projects which cover a wide spectrum of the property and construction industry, namely - offices, shopping centres, hotels, motor showrooms, factories, warehouses, medical centres, hospitals, health gyms, residential developments, houses, schools, training centres, churches, auditoriums, airports, police stations, prisons, single quarters, supreme and magistrate courts, military installations, laboratories, bridges, roads, etc.

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